The Full Basic Recipe

This recipe is the original EFT protocol consisting of four-steps:

Setup Phrase, Sequence Points (tapping on the acupoints in their original prescribed order), the 9-Gamut Procedure, and a repeat of the Sequence Points.

Dawson Church mentions that it is this version of EFT that has been validated in more than twenty clinical trials and that is how we know it effectively works.

There is a long version and a short version of the Full Basic Recipe. The long version can be very effective when working on difficult issues. Many people use only the shortened version which I have demonstrated on the first and second video on the Home Page.

Using the 9 Gamut Procedure may be very beneficial when:

  • we cannot remember specific events or our client cannot remember specific events
  • when working with pre-birth trauma, nonverbal or preverbal influences (refers to psychological trauma experienced in infancy prior to full language production)
  • when working on a succession of traumatic events simultaneously such as continuous physical or verbal child abuse over long periods of time

SUDs – Subjective Units of Distress or Discomfort We test our results so we know if we are being effective by using a scale of 0 to 10.

Before starting any EFT session we always take an accounting of the degree of distress or discomfort we feel when we think of our problem or experience.

On a scale of 1-10 (SUDs) with 10 being the highest. 0 is no distress or discomfort.

Write down your rate of intensity or discomfort.

Helpful Hint: This skill will help to measure your progress from the beginning to the finishing and becomes a powerful positive pattern of evaluation.

Ingredient #1: The Setup

The Full Basic Recipe begins with the Setup Phrase/Affirmation

The Setup Phrase is considered an Affirmation because it is affirming your worthiness even with and despite the existing problem and is best stated out loud, with feeling and emphasis.

The Alternative suggestion below, “I deeply love and accept myself” may not fit for everyone. For some people, they may not be ready to say they love themselves. There are other alternatives which may be used such as “I accept I am doing my best,” “I deserve to feel good about myself,” or “I accept that I am a good person”, or “I’m okay and I honor and accept myself”.

“Even though_____(state the problem)__________, ), I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Alternative: “Even though_____(state the problem)__________, ), I deeply love and accept myself.

ChoiceRecite the Affirmation or Setup Phrase 3 times while tapping on either the KC/Karate Chop Point or massaging one or both of the Sore Spot Points.

For further information on Psychological Reversal, be sure to check out the drop-down menu found under “What Is EFT”.

K27 – Sore Spot There are two sore points located almost directly below the collarbone corners called the K27. They are the twenty-seventh points on the kidney meridian and affect many of the body’s energies. Tapping or rubbing these two indented acupoints is useful for boosting the immune system and resetting our electromagnetic energy throughout the body. Tapping or massaging these two points has been found to be effective in relieving stress and neutralizing jet lag, relieving hot flushes, and strengthening your respiratory system, are a few of its benefits.

Ingredient #2: Sequence Points (EB to KC)

After the Setup Phrase/Affirmation follow with tapping on each of these points with a shortened “Reminder Phase”. E.g. sharp pain in my right hip, pain in hip, or excruciating head pain, bad head pain or fear making me sweat, sweating……

  • EB – eyebrow point
  • SE – side of eye
  • UE – under eye
  • UN – under nose
  • CB – collarbone
  • UA – under arm
  • BN – below the nipple – this point is optional because of it’s awkward location for women while in social environments. For men it is located one inch below the nipple. For ladies the point is where the under skin of the breast meets the chest wall.The following points are located at the base of each finger nail and thumb nail. It doesn’t matter which hand you are using to tap.

The following points are located at the base of each finger nail and thumb nail. It doesn’t matter which hand you are using to tap.

  • Th – thumb
  • IF – index finger
  • MF – middle finger
  • BF – Baby finger
  • KC – Karate Chop – fleshy side of the hand which connects to the small finger

The Gamut Point – is the third point on the Triple Warmer/Thyroid meridian and is in connection with the spleen meridian point found under the arm in the EFT Sequence points.

You will find your Gamut Point on the back of either hand. It is located ½ inch behind the knuckles and between the base of the ring and little finger. It lies in the valley between these two fingers. It is easy to tap with all three of your center fingers, the same fingers you use to tap the Karate Chop point or combine the index and middle fingers together. Choose whatever is the easiest so you are not preoccupied with the exact location yet you are activating the exact point.

Ingredient #3: The 9 Gamut Procedure

The 9 Gamut Procedure was designed to integrate parts of the brain that would bring about an increased effectiveness of EFT and includes eye movements, humming and counting.

These three activities, eye movement, humming and counting are referred to as “bilateral stimulation of the brain”. When your eyes look right you are actually firing the left hemisphere of the brain and when your eyes look left you are firing the right hemisphere of the brain. Through the use of humming, the right side of the brain is stimulated and then the counting that follows integrates the left side of the brain.

Important Consideration

Another facet of understanding gleaned during my EFT courses with Deborah Lindsey at IMU, The International Metaphysical University is that if a person does not make the full circular revolution with their eyes during either the counterclock movement or the clockwise movement of the 9 Gamut Procedure, it indicates that an unresolved issue or aspect of emotion is not being ‘looked at’. In other words, there is a gap of trauma or stress that is being denied or hidden. I have watched my own eye movements to be sure I am making full circular movements so all aspects can be released from the subconscious mind that may have been hidden. This is an important thought to consider in your use of the 9 Gamut Procedure.

The following website gives a library of research on eye movements that are closely linked to the brain’s ability to process traumatic events:

The 9 Gamut Steps

  1. Eyes closed
  2. Eyes open
  3. Eyes down hard to the right while holding the head steady
  4. Eyes down hard to the left while holding the head steady
  5. keeping the head steady, straight, and relaxed as if you are looking at the numbers of a clock. This can be a deliberate and slow movement so it is full circle movement.
  6. Roll the eyes only in the opposite direction.
  7. Hum two seconds of any song you are familiar with or use “Happy Birthday to you”.
  8. Count rapidly 1 to 5.
  9. Hum two seconds of any song you are familiar with or use “Happy Birthday to you”.

Now you are ready to pull it all together and do a second round of The Sequence points to complete the Full Basic Recipe.

Ingredient #4: The Sequence once again (from EB to KC)

Tap on The Sequence including the finger points to finish the first full round of The Basic Recipe on the KC – Karate Chop.

Pause and take a reading of your intensity rate. If it is reducing but not down to Zero, then do another round. The purpose of EFT is to collapse the underpinnings of the emotions holding the problem in place to a Zero.

HAPPY EXPLORATION on the Basic Recipe!