We kindred hearts who have long been graced with Jollean’s friendship marvel at both the range of the gifts she shares around this precious blue planet as well as the tenacity and integrity with which she pursues the heartwork of her soul. I was recently blessed with an extensive EFT session with Jollean. Also a veteran of deep release energy work, it was especially joyful for me to expose a core, limiting issue around “not feeling safe” through her skillful guidance. The benefit of releasing this childhood emotional misunderstanding through tearful insight continues to enhance my forward movement and receptivity for the New. I can only begin to imagine the level of success other individuals also drawn to experience EFT through Jollean’s adept and loving support will accomplish. I offer this with deep gratitude and love to you, Dear Heart! Toni – Vancouver BC


I was so fortunate that Jollean shared her gift with me. Before the time I spent with her, I was having trouble sleeping, I was having miscellaneous aches and pains, trouble concentrating and had no patience with anyone. I was self-sabotaging myself with work, friends and relationships, thinking I wasn’t worthy to have such a good job or such good friends or worthy of someone loving me. Through the EFT tapping sessions, I have learned to relive and let go the traumas of my childhood and the ones in my adult life. I use EFT daily and cannot thank Jollean enough for bringing it into my life. I know now I have a great future ahead of me…………………… Pamela

Services – Together we explore and solve your issues.


Sessions usually initiate apparent and immediate changes in your outlook, a greater level of positive hope for the future, and a more balanced motivation and inspiration for taking constructive and effective action and with greater calm and peace. In most cases long-term problems can shift quickly and immediately, although this is not usually the case and may take a number of sessions. EFT is easy to learn and most everyone walks away from the first session with this ability to do their own self-care tapping on minor issues like a headache that just pops up. This can greatly reduce the amount of sessions required. This important benefit of the first coaching session of learning to do your own self-care tapping is not found in other healing modalities. Often this will initiate a desire to take a course in EFT training.

For deeper and more complex issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, stress, trauma, depression and addictions, coaching can bring about changes not possible by inclusively tapping on yourself without the training and tools provided by a professional facilitator.

Are you already skilled in EFT but having difficulty neutralizing certain issues?

Even Energy Therapists in EFT have coaching partners to help them resolve personal blocks. Often we cannot see what is obvious to someone else, especially a trained facilitator.

I can help unwind and neutralize the different aspects that show up. A good practitioner can guide you through any issue although most specialize in one specific area. My specialty is trauma and stress related issues.

How long does a Coaching Session last?

I provide 6o minutes for one session which can be: in-person or via Skype or phone. You are welcome to book longer sessions as you require. You can easily learn how to use EFT on your own issues during this first session as mentioned above for minor issues and this is very much encouraged. You may need to continue with a number of sessions designed to meet your requirements, like a special package.

When do you accept appointments?

Appointments are available on weekdays. The earliest starting time is 9 am and the latest finishing time is 6 pm.

How many Sessions would I require?

There is no way to know how many sessions are required to resolve and neutralize a problem fully. You will be happy to know that EFT is well known for its ability to achieve results faster than conventional treatments and with your active participation in between coaching sessions, these sessions can be greatly reduced.

As your EFT coaching therapist, I expect both of us to see clear evidence of change in every session we have. In addition, after three sessions, we will do a review to access your progress.

How did I come to choose EFT?

To read about how I came to Emotional Freedom Techniques and my background in Energy Psychology, please go to my Bio on the About Page.

Free 20 minute session

Call me for a free 20 minute conversation to answer any questions or concerns you may have about doing a session, no obligation.

Be sure to write: “Free 20 minute chat.” In the SUBJECT

How do I set up an appointment for coaching?

To set an appointment, please contact Jollean between 9 AM-5 PM EST or in the case of an emergency contact my phone number or email me. If you need to talk to me about something other than appointment times the best way to reach me is by email.


I return EVERY e-mail. Please place in the subject line: EFT request.

If you do not hear from me be sure to resend your email as emails can get lost and be sure to: place in the subject line: EFT request.

What are your fees and availability?

EFT phone session logistics

My hourly EFT session rate is $75 US per hour. I am able to record our sessions if you would like to have them recorded and give you a copy.

Payments are processed through the Paypal Company, but you do not need to have a Paypal account to pay with a credit card. There will be an option to select paying with a credit card rather than Paypal.

I have unlimited calling anywhere in the USA and Canada. I am happy to call you in these countries. Skype is also free and wonderful since it has video.

Special Package Rates

Package of 3 Sessions – $200 US

Package of 5 Sessions – $325 US