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Have a load on your mind?
Check out EFT
A powerful and effective way to Relax and take control of your life.

What weighs heavily on your mind? Our worries can hold us captive. Stress can affect our health. EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques® is a powerful self-help technique that uses acupressure spots to deal with any and all of the stressors in your life. Less stress = emotional freedom! Like acupuncture – but without any needles – EFT addresses the more subtle energy system of the body and has been used successfully for every problem imaginable. Come explore one of the fastest growing methods to address whatever you’d like “off” your mind!

Attending a workshop is a powerful transformative and valuable experience which layers systematically in the two-day, 5 hour per day, Level 1 Workshop. Newcomers can learn and explore EFT tapping skills and tools, while current practitioners can build their skills and confidence. It is foundational training required for the Level 2 Workshop and it focuses on showing you how to heal yourself.

I invite you to delve deep into the world of Clinical EFT. In my 40 years of experience in the world of energy medicine, I have never found a technique that is as effective as EFT, or that works for as many different issues. Clinical EFT is “evidence- based,” which means it has a body of scientific studies that support its effectiveness. What EFT does is that it calms the stress that underlies many of our other problems, whether they’re physical or psychological. Once that stress disappears, the problem tends to diminish in severity. ” – Dawson Church, Ph.D., Founder of EFTUniverse.

Thrive under Pressure and Manage Your Fight-and-Flight Response

Take your Tapping deeper because the Science is out supporting the profound effects of EFT and no matter what arises in your field of experiences, you can shift the hardware of your brain with new software of conscious thoughts and actions that consistent tapping on the acupoints may elicit. We would love to have you at our courses, so you can learn how EFT Tapping clicks the amygdala forward to the prefrontal cortex rather than it’s dominant movement backward to the old brain and into the response of continued stress and anxiety.

Prefrontal Cortex
Amygdala, Reptile In Red (brain Stem & Cerebellum)


Training courses are taught by Jollean Matsen and through her twenty years experience in Energy Therapy these courses will be fun, informative and powerful!

“One of the Energy Therapies I was trained in years ago used 99 main acupoints and over 3000 related points on the body to change the information in the field. In EFT we use a standard 9 points in the short version.

EFT is easy to learn, highly effective and can be used for all types of issues.

These past eleven years took me to South Africa for two years, then eight years serving in India and eleven months in Mexico. During these many years, I had been using EFT with the essential information I gleaned from my practice with EFT, the video instructions, dvds and books and online programs. My 20 years background in Energy Psychology fused with these deeper teachings of Clinical EFT, further fired my desire in coaching and energy therapy and a continued study from the library of Gary Craig’s Advanced ‘The Gold Standard for EFT’ courses.

I am Certified in EFT for First and Second Levels with The International Metaphysical University. This is a very in-depth 12-week course which I absolutely value.

These amazingly effective techniques need to be shared with other professionals. EFT, should be in everyone’s “toolbox.”

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques (Level 1)

Certificate for attendance

This workshop will meet the Level 1 EFT Workshop criteria from AAMET.

Through fun exercises and live demonstrations, the attendees will learn:

  • Be familiar with the History and Theory of the Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Demonstrate steps of both the Classic Basic Recipe, 9-Gamut and Shortcut versions of EFT
  • Understand the importance of developing a specific Setup that focuses on client words and issues
  • Understand the concept of aspects and shifting aspects
  • Participate in a Borrowing Benefits exercise
  • Understand the concept of Psychological Reversals
  • Demonstrate proper steps in use of the Movie Technique The Tell-a-Story Technique
  • Troubleshoot when not getting results with EFT
  • Know how to address fears and phobias & addictive cravings with EFT
  • EFT for Physical Issues and Pain
  • Emotional Trauma: what it is and how to clear it
  • Understand the ethical considerations when using EFT
  • Understand the importance of clearing personal triggers
  • Identify other resources for increasing learning about EFT
  • What to do when EFT isn’t working

Disclaimer: EFT provides impressive results for most people but there is no guarantee that it will achieve your goals or be an entirely painless process. It is not intended to diagnose, or provide medical advice of any nature or form, including treatment to cure any existing condition. Never discontinue prescription medications without consulting your physician or therapist. While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it Each person using the tapping procedures on this course is totally responsible for their use of it and their application of it on or for others.

Register for notification of courses in South Africa and coaching between November 20th to Feb. 10th. South India – February 20th to April 25th. When the dates and locations are established, you will receive notification.

Be sure to check out my website:  http://www.innersightnow.com

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Testimonies for EFT 1 & 2 Levels

Barbara Iceton

What a blessing you came into my life. Not only were your courses wonderfully practical but you have given us all such a lot of other stuff to help us understand and put into practice what you have taught us.

I am so amazed at the speed at which the EFT works. After the first day of your EFT workshop I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my knee. It was so bad that I could not move. Lots of crazy ideas were bouncing about in my mind, what if I wanted to use the toilet, I live alone and there was no one to help me. I couldn’t even get to my phone, couldn’t turn over in bed, I wasn’t going to be able to attend the second day of your course. Then sanity entered my space and I remembered the EFT technique you had taught us the day before. So first you said we had to decide the intensity. Well mine was a lot more than ten I can tell you, it was about twenty and rising. After two rounds of EFT my intensity had dropped considerably I would say it was now about a seven. Wow this was working! So I did a couple more rounds and to my amazement my pain had gone, I mean Gone! It was down to zero. Wow, So grateful and thankful.

Needless to say I have been using it for other conditions with success. One I can mention is my weight loss. I have been struggling with my weight almost all my life and was really at a stage where I was seriously considering surgery. Two weeks ago I started doing EFT using various statements for my wobbly belly, sugar craving, eating when not hungry etc. I am so pleased to tell you I have dropped two KG’s. But the main thing is I feel different I don’t feel like I am on a diet and depriving myself. I am looking at food differently, not craving sweet things like I used to. Ok occasionally I will be tempted but a few rounds of EFT cures that.

I am on a quest now to help others with their problems; got to spread the word about EFT and the wonderful tool I have been taught.

Again I say what a blessing you came into my life I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Jollean
Love and Blessings on Your Journey

Dianne Visser

Jollean Matsen is a wonderful teacher. I have used EFT for many years, teach-ing careworkers and working with children. But, having done EFT 1 & 2 with Jollean, I feel as if I have gone to the next level in my understanding, and now feel more confident as well as able to access deeper insights. Jollean teaches from such a heart level, and encourages us all to work with our Personal Peace Procedure so that we may move forward in our lives, having cleared issues that have caused us to remain stuck in certain areas of our lives. What a wonderful gift she has been to us all on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast.

We will hold you always, in our hearts.
Thank You Jollean.