We first begin by learning the locations of the energy points used in the Emotional Freedom Technique. These points can be remembered in minutes of applied tapping and should be followed in order at this point. If you use the sequence in order first, you will be able to witness first-hand how powerful the sequence is in creating calm, harmony and balance. In time, your own intuitive knowing will kick in and more variations in the order of tapping will make sense to you.

EFT works with both the emotional and physical expression of problems to improve performance and its prime intention is to explore to the core of the issue, to find the root cause of the problem and thereby collapse the underpinnings that hold it in place.

  • Karate Chop KC Small Intestine Meridian – side of the hand, small finger side.
  • EBBeginning of Eyebrow – start point of the Bladder Meridian.
  • SE Side of Eye – end point of the Triple Warmer Meridian, beginning point of the Gall Bladder Meridian.
  • UE – Under the EyeStomach Point Meridian
  • UNUnder Nose – end point of the Governing Meridian.
  • CHChin – end point of the Central or Conception Meridian.
  • CBCollarbone Kidney Meridian – Adrenal Gland Function
  • UAUnder Arm – ending point of the Spleen Meridian
  • TH – Top of Head – This point (set of points) is located at the top of the head and is highly sensitive. Be sure to tap gently on this area, using all your fingers to tap will ensure you get the point.

TH – Top of Head : This point was added several years ago at an EFT conference. Since then, it has been widely accepted by Gary Craig and many of the others in the EFT community.

This is considered an important energy center since many meridians meet at the top of the head. and tapping on this energy center has been found to wake up the entire body. It is located in the area of the 7th major energy center, or Crown Chakra as understood in India, which is a spiritual energy center. Some say that stimulating this area wakes up the entire energy system and encourages the body-mind to pay attention to what we are about to address.

Releases – Inner critic, lack of focus, lack of joy and frustration, lack of direction in life

Aligns to – Spiritual connection and inspiration, intuition, inner sight, focused, clarity, unification of colors and wisdom, communication with subconscious, stillness


Releases : psychological reversal (feeling stuck or frozen), inability to let go, resistance to change, sorrow, feeling vulnerable, worry, obsession, compulsive behavior. This point relaxes the muscles.

Aligns to : moving forward, ease and flow, balance, letting go of grief, present moment, self-acceptance (Small Intestine Meridian)


Releases : Trauma, hurt, sadness, restlessness, frustration, impatience, restlessness and dread.

Aligns to : patience, calm, trust, peace and emotional healing, joy, balance (Bladder Meridian)


Releases : Rage, anger, resentment, fear of change and muddled thinking.’

Aligns to : Balanced thinking, congruency, clarity (Gall Bladder Meridian)


Releases : Fear, anxiety, emptiness, worry, nervousness and disappointment.

Aligns to : Contentment, calmness, and feeling safe. “All is well’. (Stomach Meridian)


Releases : Embarrassment, powerlessness, shame, guilt, grief, fear of ridicule, fear of failure and psychological reversals.

Aligns to : Self-empowerment, self- confidence, self-acceptance compassion to self and others. (Governing Meridian)


Releases : Confusion, uncertainty, shame, embarrassment and second guessing decisions.

Aligns to : Clarity, certainty, confidence, and self-acceptance. (Central Meridian)


Releases : Psychological reversal, feeling stuck, indecision, worry, and general stress.

Aligns to : Ease in moving forward, confidence, and clarity. (Kidney Meridian – Adrenal Gland Function)


Releases : Guilt, worry, obsessing, hopelessness, insecurity, and poor self-esteem.

Aligns to : Clarity, confidence, relaxation, and compassion for self and others. (Spleen Meridian)

Important . One finger and very gentle tapping may be used when tapping on babies, small children, the elderly or those whose physical health is very sensitive. Using the middle finger and index fingers together is very effective, so you can relax. By using these two fingers you will be sure to activate the correct point. If you are over cautious and worried about getting the exact point, this energy will interfere with the outcome. Use either left or right hands to tap, or use both hands to tap. It all works.

Gentle taps, but firm.
_KC- Karate Point

KC – Karate Chop : Tapping the side of the hand with all the fingers is simple and effective as there is only one actual energy or spin point.

2_EB - Eye Brow

EB – Beginning of Eyebrow : Tap on the bone at the end of the eyebrow. Use either left or right hands to tap, or use both hands to tap.

3_SE - Side of Eye

SE – Side of Eye : Tap on the bone right at the corner of the eye.

4_UE - Under Eye

UN – Under the Eye : Tap on the cheek bone under the center of the eye.

5_UN - Under Nose

UN – Under the Nose : Tap right below the nose and above the lip.

6_CH - Chin Point

CH – Chin : Tap in the crease of the chin just below the lower lip.

7_CB Collar Bone

CB – Collarbone : Tap on the end of the collarbone. You can also tap both sides of the collarbone by tapping between the two points, right at the sternum. If you close your fist and tap this area with flat portion of your fist, you are sure to get both points of the collarbone.

8_UA - Under Arm

UA – Under Arm : This point is found about 4” below the hollow of the armpit where the side seam of the garment is located. This point is known to wake up the flow of energy in the chest and diaphragm area and along the sides of the body.

SP Sour Spot

SS – Sore Spot : If you push down on these two spots you will feel a sensitivity, it will slightly hurt. That is why it is called the Sore Spot – SS The point slightly indents. In Eastern medicine, this point is called the K27 because it is the 27th point on the kidney Meridian.

TM Thymus

Thymus : The thymus is the gland for the immune system. Just tapping it helps to energize the immune system. Not part of the standard sequence.

WR Wrists 2_

Wrist to Wrist can be tapped as shown in the photo and also by using the fingers. It is not often used in EFT now.