I am passionate about helping people understand the different ways we can be blocked energetically and am delighted to share this body of exploration with you. May it serve you to understand how we can all be affected by Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal at different times of our life and that EFT offers a very effective way to correct and address this issue.

What is Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal?

Dr. Roger Callahan, Founder of Thought Field Therapy, used this term thinking he was making a metaphor but found out later on, “it is a literal reversal”.

“Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal is a total reversal of the energy,totally reversed in a reversal state and it prevents a therapy from working. He continues to say that subconscious negative and self-defeating thoughts can cause and maintain a polarity reversal in the body’s energy system.”


Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, describes this condition as having our “batteries in backwards”. It is an electrical interference which is impeding our progress.

It is not uncommon for newcomers to Energy Tapping to think the tapping just doesn’t work for them. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you might be experiencing what is known as Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal. As described above, this flow in the body’s energy system is disorganized or reversed causing a disruption in your chi or life force energy. It can happen to anyone at different times of life’s experiences. However, being aware of it allows us to take responsibility and use the tools we have in our tool box to deal with it. The Set-up Phrase in EFT was specifically designed to take care of most cases of Psychological Reversal.

Understanding how Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal works can assist your work with EFT astronomically!

Secondary Benefit Syndrome

Secondary Benefit Syndrome is when your conscious mind wants one thing, like to quit smoking, but your subconscious mind keeps you stuck going in the opposite direction.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist who has devoted his life to understanding human biology and behavior makes it very clear that the subconscious mind is a tape recorder and through humanity’s predominant use of this mind, it is one million times more powerful than our conscious mind. Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95% of our lives. If the information in the storage container of the subconscious mind says, I want to smoke. I like to smoke and I am not giving it up for anyone. Then that is what lives out as the reality for the person.


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This primitive non-verbal part of the brain does not operate with the same logic of the conscious mind which might be confirming, “Smoking is killing me and causing my lungs and heart difficulty to breathe. I really want to stop smoking.” He clearly states “The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience.”’Dr. Lipton explains, “Since the subconscious programs operate outside the range of consciousness, we don’t experience ourselves playing out these behaviors. Therefore, we don’t even see ourselves sabotaging our own lives, and as a result, we don’t take responsibility for the lives we lead. We see ourselves as victims of forces outside of our control. It’s hard to own what we’ve done our whole lives. So we perceive ourselves as victims, and we believe that genes are in control. “

“You must recognize that you are a participant in the unfolding of your life. Then you can go into your subconscious program and find out where the problems are.” Dr. Lipton lists EFT along with other processes which can assist us in rewriting the destructive programs that occupy our subconscious field. We now understand, this is not a lack of will power on our part but an energy blockage not allowing forward movement and it creates a chronic negativity of depression and addictions which are all part of the patterning of low self-esteem, unworthiness issues which manifest in self-sabotaging behavior.

EFT deals with this Psychological Reversal through the Set-up Phrases. They may not fully heal the reversal but they create the space for EFT to do its work.

Lindsay Kenny, an EFT Master, offers a simple remedy for dealing with the Secondary Benefit Syndrome and states in her excellent paper on the ‘9 Stumbling Blocks in EFT, that “Reversals or Polarity Reversals (PR), are what I believe to be the most overlooked obstruction to successful EFT treatments.”

“This type of reversal occurs when the subconscious mind perceives that it is better or safer to keep an issue like negative emotions, chronic pain, extra weight, or a bad habit, than to eliminate it. It’s going to say, I can’t let go of this fear because then I won’t be safe. I don’t want to lose weight because then I won’t have an excuse any more. What if I don’t get the job I want, even after I lose this weight? Then what? What if I lose this weight and I am deprived of the foods I love or I try this and it doesn’t work? What if I lose this weight and my life still stinks?”

“So the subconscious holds onto the weight. It is not a conscious thing. Reversals are subconscious benefits of something. Reversals are a subconscious resistance to change.”

“The good news is – It is easy to neutralize. People are almost always reversed on highly charged issues, old issues and chronic issues.”

Lindsay goes on to explain

– that if you have clutter for a long time, you are going to be reversed on it

– if you are always procrastinating, you are going to be reversed on it

– if you have a weight issue and you are not losing weight, you are going to be reversed on it

– if you want to stop smoking and you are still smoking, you are going to be reversed on it

– if you want to stop addictive shopping and can’t, you are going to be reversed on it

The same applies to any phobias, addictions and chronic depressions. The subconscious is saying, I don’t want to let this go, I am comfortable with this. This is who I am. It is part of my identity.”

Even though, deep down, I don’t want to quit smoking/ change/let go of this habit/ pain / grief / weight/ behavior…I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though it is scary to think of giving up this smoking/what will I do with my hands/I will gain weight… I deeply and completely accept myself, love and forgive myself

Even though I don’t have the will power to quit /to change/ to let go of…I deeply and completely accept myself right where I am now

Even though I don’t deserve to be rich / happy / I deeply and completely accept myself

Even though deep down I don’t want to lose weight, I deeply and completely accept myself

GPR – General Polarity Reversal

The second type of Polarity Reversal happens when the energy in the body goes in the opposite direction.

***Tapping on the Karate Point (with fingers on the side of the hand) will often correct many GENERAL POLARITY REVERSALS.

Tap for about 20 seconds, no words are necessary.

After a few rounds of EFT, newcomers who haven’t been able to achieve positive results will often give up. It is not the EFT that is not working, but a disruption or disorganization of the energy system that is interfering with the balancing effect of EFT tapping procedures. This interfering blockage must be reduced and eventually removed in order to allow the tapping on the meridians to neutralize the lower based emotions. This is the job of the Set-up Phrases. This polarity reversal within your energy system is not the same thing as the energy blocks which cause your negative emotions.

The simple analogy, you can’t get a flashlight or a tape recorder to work if the batteries are in backwards will help you to understand that the batteries have to be taken out and put in properly in order for the flash light to work. Once the condition of polarity reversal is reduced through the use of the Set-up Phrases, EFT can do it’s intended job of neutralizing the underpinnings of emotional attachments.

How can I recognize when I am experiencing General Psychological Reversal?

When we are dehydrated, our body’s electrical currents are affected. Because our body is 66% water, this can be one of the greatest contributors to our energy system going in reverse. The electricity in our body is conducted by water.

When EFT facilitators are not achieving the results with their clients, they always check to see how much water the client has had in the day. Just drinking water can greatly accelerate the process of EFT. Drink water before all EFT sessions!

Being dehydrated is the most common example of Psychological Reversal and the easiest to remedy.

Everyone’s water requirements may be different. Understanding more about your body’s requirements will help you estimate how much water to drink each day and that will also depend upon the temperature of the day.

The 8 x 8 rule is easy to remember – Recommended eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon.

Test yourself to see if you have enough water by pulling the skin up on the back of your hand. If your skin stays up for a second or two, then most likely, you need water, you are dehydrated. Also check your urine. If the color is a bright yellow, this is usually an indication that you need more water.

When we seem to lack coordination, dropping things, bumping into things, tripping over things or feeling unclear and fragile, not able to make logical decisions, angry for no reason, our polarity reversal is usually taking place.


Stop and take a few breaths and slow down your activity so you are consciously paying attention to your movements. Be sure to drink good healthy water.

Lie on the bed or on a comfortable mat with feet and legs extended, not folded under you or bent but outstretched so you can relax and practice breathing.

You could also lie in a recliner chair. Follow-up with EFT

Heart rhythm patterns during relaxation and coherence

The Science Behind the emWave® and Inner Balance™ Technologies

The Role of Breathing

“Another important distinction involves understanding the role of breathing in the generation of coherence and its relationship to the techniques of the HeartMath System. Because breathing patterns modulate the heart’s rhythm, it is possible to generate a coherent heart rhythm simply by breathing slowly and regularly at a 10-second rhythm (5 seconds on the in-breath and 5 seconds on the out-breath).

Breathing rhythmically in this fashion can thus be a useful intervention to initiate a shift out of stressful emotional state and into increased coherence. However, this type of cognitively-directed paced breathing can require considerable mental effort and is difficult for some people to maintain.”

Read more on breathing near the end of this article below.

“The main difference between the HeartMath tools and most commonly practiced breathing techniques is the HeartMath tools’ focus on the intentional generation of a heartfelt positive emotional state.”


Continuing with Recognizing General Psychological Reversal (GPR)

Negative thinking – constant blaming and criticizing: They are doing this to me/us. They are so stupid. They’re so negative. I’m here be`cause they constantly did that to me. What a jerk. Look at the clothes they are wearing. It will never work. They are smarter than I am. I don’t get the opportunities, they just don’t come to me. I will never get a better job.

  • Listen to a variety of music that lifts your spirits and makes you love life.
  • Listen to brain stimulation music and learn something new everyday.
  • Notice the negative mental thoughts that keep recycling.
  • Notice how you beat up on yourself or others and follow-up with EFT on these comments or issues, they can be deep seated beliefs holding us back from moving forward in our life.

Sensitivities to certain foods we are eating

overload of dairy products, packaged products which have a high volume of preservatives and chemicals added, meat products where the animals have been pumped with hormones, fruit and vegetables grown with high toxic chemicals and sprays and GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms – “A genetically modified organism is an organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.” Wikipedia

Sensitivities to laundry soaps, paint, carpets, building supplies, construction chemicals, etc

can cause an internal chaos where you feel irritated, obnoxious, upset, out of sorts, unhappy and discontent. We may not even notice some of these symptoms but the energies in our body are subtle and they notice the effects of chemicals and this can activate a turning of the energies in the opposite direction. In EFT we are not sure if that is the body’s way of flushing the irritants out of the body.

Sensitivities to mind altering drugs, pain killers, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, marijuana, cocaine, etc.

Aspirin, sleeping tablets and hormonal drugs etc. are not included in the mind altering drugs and most people on medication do have positive results with EFT. Do continue to follow your medical doctor’s advice.

  • Seek counselling from medical specialists in the field of “allergies”.
  • Muscle Testing or Energy Testing is easy to learn but needs consistent practice to develop the skill of finding out for yourself what items are causing dis-ease in your body’s energy field. Self-care follow-up with EFT as well on the items that seem to cause a reaction in the body.

Electro Pollution

We live in, ever increasing energy fields of common man-made electrical devices such as: computers, cell phones, hair blowers, clock radios, Ipods, televisions, microwaves, scanners, answering machines, timers, electric blankets, water beds, baby monitors, fluorescent lights, refrigerators and living under electrical lines, etc.

Exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and meditation are also very important to handling the massive amounts of Electro Pollution.

Go for a walk preferably in forested areas and create a healthy habit of reducing the negative effects from these electrical appliances. Follow-up with EFT but remove cell phones when doing EFT for effective results.

My Story – “Computer Interference”

This brings up an interesting story of the first few weeks in the city of Madurai in South India, where I was giving slideshows on The Messages of Water by Dr. Emoto Masuru to the first groups of elementary students in the Mahatma Montessori Schools. The room that was provided was the Computer Room where they taught computer courses. The first two days, I had no problem, but by the end of the third and fourth day, I began to feel weak and dizzy, feeling really off balance. I realized that I felt fine at the beginning of the day and then walking into the empty computer room before the flood of students arrived, I became aware of the twenty computers in this room and knew that was the problem for me.

I asked for a different room to continue the showing of the Water Crystals, a room that did not have computers. The room they provided for our classes was without any electrical devices other than the main projector and the symptoms of unbalance went away and never returned once I began teaching in this room.

Chemicals from personal care products

Fabric dyes, carpet chemicals and reactions to certain foods can also cause a disruption in your electrical circuits.

Drink water, wash without the soaps to remove the chemical substances may also help. Follow-up with EFT and tap in a new location.

Try these Tapping suggestions

are suggested for all signs or symptoms of PR or GPR and will help to: stimulate your immune system, wake-up and regulate energy and increase strength and vitality – So simple!

– Tap the sides of the hands together (side of the little finger – karate point side) 10 to 15 times.

– Tap the ‘sore spots/K27 or rub them 10 to 15 times. These two points are the end points of the kidney meridian and can be located by placing your fingers on your collarbone and move them inward towards the U-shaped notch at the top of your breastbone. Move your fingers to the bottom of the U and then move down and out about an inch to find the spots. Tap or massage for ten to fifteen seconds. View the EFT Tapping Points, Charts and Photos in the drop-down menus under EFT,

– Tap the thymus found at the center of the breast plate – stimulates the immune system

When we cannot make the changes

we consciously state we would like to make and we sabotage ourselves in bringing out positive changes.

Find a professional facilitator and Follow-up with EFT

It isn’t because we lack will power but it is a chronic block in the energy system which prevents us from moving forward. Good examples of this are addictions: alcohol, gambling, shopping, over-eating, over working to name a few. A person trying to lose weight, will tell you (consciously) they sincerely want to lose weight and will enroll in any number of programs to lose weight, but the information in their Subconscious Mind which is multi times more powerful than the Conscious Mind will be sabotaging weight loss for a number of reasons which they may not even be aware of. For instance: if I lose weight, men will want me and I don’t want that or If I lose weight I am going to have to buy new clothes and I don’t want to buy new clothes. Follow-up with EFT and find a professional facilitator to assist with neutralizing these reversals.