This Protocol is the newest simplified version of EFT

The Essence of EFT lies in being able to bring energy balance and harmony to the circuits of our body’s energy system.

In EFT, we clear energy blocks obstructing our health and vitality by tapping on selective spin points that are found along the invisible highways of our electrical system. In Eastern Acupuncture, these life-force movements are called Meridians and for over 5000 years, needles were used to open certain acupoints or spin points so balance could once again be obtained, allowing for an adjustment in metabolism, increased brain function, clear circulation of blood flow and over all increased Chi or pranic energy throughout our body-mind complex.

In EFT, we understand that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.

EFT is not a substitute for Professional Medical Care.
Take responsibility by consulting your doctor for continuance of medication and medical advice.

First we must establish the SUDs or Subjective Units of Distress/Disturbance Scale

In EFT, we begin by establishing the degree of stress or intensity of the emotional issue and or pain we are working on. We simply ‘pause’ and tune into the feeling of the issue. Allow yourself to feel the intensity of your problem (headache). If you can’t feel it, imagine you are in the circumstances of stress that gave rise to your headache and then see if you can feel your problem or issue (headache). If it is too painful to go back to imagining, make a guess as to the intensity you feel.

The Apex Effect occurs in a tapping session when the client has a successful clearing but at the end of it doesn’t credit EFT tapping with their shifting of pain, or fear, or whatever issue was addressed and may even dismiss it as if there never was a problem in the first place.

Most EFT Facilitators have experienced this Apex Effect with their clients one time or another. The may pass the dissolving of their pain off with comments such as: “My stress headache went away because we began to laugh.”, “I didn’t have such a bad pain anyway.”

What this means is that they are not validating the positive effects of EFT Tapping.

When we begin the session, with a good drink of water and then we establish how intense we feel about an issue we are about to tap on, we have a reliable system for measuring how effective our EFT tapping is. It is easy to see and feel the progression of a session when the intensity continues to reduce and reduce and you know this because you have developed a consistent presence of intention with setting the SUDs level, o to 10.

Those that might be affected by the Apex Effect will then have positive proof that the EFT energy tapping is making a difference and they will be more inclined to do their own self-care tapping and will tell others how effective EFT is at shifting the negative emotions at the root of pain, stress and trauma.

For the sake of simplicity and clarity in this explanation, setting the SUDs or Subjective Units of Distress/Disturbance Scale is vitally important for new comers to EFT and it’s importance cannot be understated. There are many wonderful articles written on The Apex Effect.

Alternative suggestion for setting the SUDS for children or the infirmed :

Take your hands and placing them together will represent a 0 and as you separate your hands wider that shows the intensity, with hands very wide apart being 10, for instance.

This can also be done with one hand placed above the other hand’s palm and again the further they separate, the greater the intensity.

Rate the intensity level : of your pain or emotion on a scale of 1-10 (SUDs) and write down or follow the above alternative suggestion for children.

Reminder : Notice your intensity. This skill will help to measure your progress from the beginning to the finishing.

Create a Setup Phrase beginning with:

“Even though_____(state the problem)__________, ), I deeply and completely love and accept myself.”

Alternative: “Even though_____(state the problem)__________, ), I deeply accept myself.

Repeat your setup phrase 3 times while tapping on the karate chop point.

The set-up phrase focuses on the problem/emotion/pain which allows the underlying energy disruption to be activated. This profound timing of the tapping coincides with the energy disruption and impulses the energy to push through and restore the flow of energy. In this way, our focused attention inwardly brings up the information associated with our voicing comments of our feelings that were hidden from our conscious awareness.

The set-up phrase in the EFT tapping protocol allows the emotion to simply be as it is, without resistance or rejection of our self. It also helps to correct Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal. Gary Craig describes this condition as having our “batteries in backwards”. It is an electrical interference which is impeding our progress.

Helpful Awareness: Negative feelings provide the link or connection to this information stored in our unconscious or subconscious mind and alert us to energy disruptions. As we keep tapping, the subconscious releases more of the aspects

FULL EXAMPLE – “ Story of breaking the ankle”

Write down the SUDS – Intensity 10

Setup Phrases

Tap on the Karate Point with your fingers of one hand on the side of the other hand, (the soft tissue on the small finger side of the hand) as you voice your problem:

Even though, I can’t stand the pain in my right ankle. I just sprained my right ankle again on Friday, I keep falling because I am always in a hurry. You would think I would learn to pay attention. I know I am sabotaging myself, but I keep doing it anyway._This is really stupid. I guess I don’t really want to go to the wedding._____(name problem) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I keep causing myself to fall and hurt my ankle__(name problem) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I guess I don’t want to go to the wedding.____(name problem) I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Tap on the sequence points using a “reminder phrase”.A reminder phrase is a brief reminder of the Set-up Phrase we used tap 5 to 7 times on each point below. Example of a reminder phrases:

EB – eyebrow point, this excruciating pain in my right ankle…

SE – side of eye, I’m always in a hurry,…

UE – under eye – I don’t pay attention…

UN – under nose, this excruciating pain in my right ankle…

CH – chin point, I’m always in a hurry, I don’t pay attention…

CB – collarbone, this excruciating pain in my right ankle …

UA – under arm, I’m always in a hurry, I don’t pay attention…

THtop of the head – this excruciating pain in my right ankle…

WTwrist points (optional), I’m always in a hurry,…

THY – thymus (optional), this excruciating pain in my right ankle,…

Check your intensity. If it has reduced but is not down to 0, repeat another round on the remaining pain. Intensity 7

Use a ‘reminder phrase’ such as:

Tap the same” sequence points” with: remaining pain in my ankle, always in a hurry

Check your intensity again – continue in this way until, your intensity comes down to a 0. Intensity 4, Intensity 2……..Intensity 0 – No Pain, or slight

(Sometimes, pain will show up in some other part of the body. That can be tapped on. Example: List intensity of the new pain in the left shoulder – Intensity 4 EB -“Now my left shoulder hurts, SE – my left shoulder hurts, UE – my left shoulder hurts,…)

Continue to neutralize this ‘left should pain to 0.

Continue to tap on the other aspects of the original Setup phrases, and also pay attention to whatever new aspects show up.

For instance:

Even though I know I am sabotaging myself, but I keep doing it anyway. ______ (I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though this is really stupid. ______ I deeply love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I guess I don’t really want to go to the wedding.______ I deeply love and completely accept myself and I forgive myself.

Pick a reminder phrase for the above.

Tap again 5 to7 times on each point below, using a reminder phrase.

EBeye brow – I am sabotaging myself.

SE – side of Eye – but I keep doing it anyway.

UE– under Eye – this is really stupid.

UNunder nose – but I keep doing it anyway.

CHchin pointI am sabotaging myself.

CBcollar bone – I know it is stupid.

UAunder arm – but I keep sabotaging myself.

THtop of the headI keep doing it anyway.

Check intensity level. Intensity 4

Continue to tap on any remaining aspects that show up.

If the intensity came down but is not a 0,

I would question, Why, do you not want to go to the wedding? Allow the answer to determine the tapping for the next rounds.

Setup Phrase: I guess I don’t really want to go to the wedding

EBdon’t really want to go to the wedding…

SEbecause I had an affair with the groom. I still love him…

UE – I thought I was over him, but I still love him…

UN – don’t really want to go to the wedding…

CH I still love him, I can feel this in my body

CB I can’t go to the wedding, I’m married, it’s over

UA It’s over, I’m married, he’s getting married

TH – I didn’t think I would be affected this way. I feel better.

Check intensity level – If collapsed to 0 – Well Done!

THIS WAS A GOOD EXAMPLE of how one can dig deeper and deeper.