Questions you may have concerning EFT Part II

Will EFT work for children ?

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EFT for children can be wonderful, gentle, soothing, quick, light-hearted and even fun. A Magic Buttons Bear was actually created to assist children and to offer surrogate healing with amazing results. In many situations, children take to learning EFT much faster than adults because they are eager and willing to try new things and don’t need to know how it works, they just want to feel better.

  • Practitioners working with children and young adults find that they may not have the vocabulary to express their emotions but they can describe where the emotions sit in their body and respond with this approach quickly. There has been incredible progress into EFT offered to children, teens and young adults.
  • EFT is now being used in a children’s cancer ward in a certain hospital in Mexico and has been successfully taught to the families of the children who also feel the stress of the dis-ease and pain of their child. Once EFT has been used, a child handles the forthcoming needles with ease, they feel cared for, hopeful and nurtured and their recovery to smiling faces is heart-moving to say the least.
  • Deborah Miller has been creating miracles with children in Mexico.Be sure to check out the Oaxaca Project.
Cancer-induced semi-coma to dancing and jumping – Paulina’s Recovery

I am also delighted to say, I found a grade one teacher in Mexico whose little ones use the EFT Tapping in the classroom and the results are staggering showing a marked improvement in being able to focus for longer periods of time, creating social comradeship and felt communication between the students and the teacher. It seems to create a whole paradigm shift in the way the children handle moment to moment events.

Will EFT work for animals ?

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Working with animals through energy healings is not new on the planet. Healing have been administered through hands-on modalities like Reiki on horses, cats and dogs. In EFT we use the energy system of the body and surrogate healing or proxy healing can be offered to any animal by tapping on our own body’s energy system. It all works effectively through the practitioner’s intention and attention.

For many people, this may be a difficult concept to wrap ones-self around. Both the idea of giving healing to an animal, our pet and then to tap on our own body for our pet, expecting to heal the pet. Now this is a horse of a different color, no pun intended. This might be quite a stretch to one’s belief references. Quantum physics now shows us emphatically that we are all connected. You send out loving thoughts and loving thoughts will come back to you. It works the same way with dedicating a proxy or surrogate healing for a pet.

Take the time to do a search for the websites which foster EFT for animals and I think you will be very delighted and amazed on what people have been doing for years.

What is Surrogate EFT healing or Proxy ?

Surrogate or Proxy Tapping basically means that we tap on our self on behalf and benefit of another person. Surrogate healing using EFT works because energetically we are all connected and fundamentally One in Spirit.

Some examples where Surrogate healing made be used: when babies are separated in a hospital incubator; or when children are too active to sit still to be tapped on; or when any family member is a distance away; cases where the elderly and infirmed cannot take the tapping. The list of possibilities are endless.

It is important that the person who is offering the Surrogate tapping, be sure they are balanced and free of any emotional charge they might have so the integrity of the service is clear and appropriate. For instance, if it is a mother who is upset about her son or daughter, it would serve the whole dedication by making sure she has tapped on her issue first and then she can be objective and authentic as a facilitator.

Does EFT work for those who can’t speak or find it difficult to speak?

If client is non-verbal or can’t speak, like a child or animal, or someone with brain damage or impaired reasoning, Surrogate Tapping can be applied in these cases.

  • Words aren’t needed, however they are very valuable when deeper exploration is necessary and the facilitator knows they must go deeper into specific events. Words are very important if the issues are complicated and intricate.

For instance, if a person has a fear of having close relationships with the opposite sex, this may be an indication that some events early in life have caused a fear of close and intimate relationships. Words would definitely assist in unwinding the hidden aspects holding this condition in place so they can come up and be neutralized, allowing the person, to move forward and have close and meaningful relationships.

  • Words can uproot the core causes and emotions that are hidden from the conscious awareness.
  • Words help to get into the details and are not absolutely necessary but very helpful for identifying the underlying issues. We use the words so we can focus our attention on the problem or symptom.
  • The EFT Protocol: “Even though I have this sharp pain in my left hip”, this is a simple and clear indication of the pain and an easy way to talk about it.
  • In the case of a dog with high anxiety – Just recently I had time with a cute little poodle who went into anxiety every time he was left alone. When his family returned to the car or home, he continued in anxious running up and down, it took time to get him settled down. It is easy to tap on this obvious issue and while tapping, an insight just may come up regarding the root cause behind this anxiety or the caretakers of the dog may begin to remember some of the past information of the early years of the dog’s life which they may have forgotten. This new information can also be tapped on.

What if my pain is too great for me to talk about ?

EFT is a gentle healing tool. If a person does not want to talk about the problem, we will talk about whatever they feel comfortable with sharing. EFT has excellent guidelines for these situations so re-traumatizing or re-enacting the painful events are not necessary. EFT has tools within the protocol that allow for a safe and conscious transition for those who come for coaching assistance. This is one of EFT’s greatest benefits, a compassionate environment to assist people is top priority.

What if I am taking medicines ?

EFT is considered a Complementary Therapy and is widely used in complement with Western medicine and other energy healing modalities. Always consult your medical practitioner and continue with their advice regarding your medicine and EFT tapping.

What are Reversals ?

Psychological Reversal or Polarity Reversal is a total reversal of the energy, totally reversed in a reversal state and it prevents a therapy from working. He continues to say that subconscious negative and self-defeating thoughts can cause and maintain a polarity reversal in the body’s energy system.

Why does a person need more than one session if EFT is suppose to clear issues in minutes ?

There have been a number of cases where chronic and life-long pains have disappeared in minutes but this is rarely the case.

EFT facilitators know how to attend to all reactions, feelings, responses and physical symptoms. We know, it has taken a life-time to create certain patterns, habits and addictions because each facilitator has worked with EFT on their own issues first and continue to do so as issues arise. In that way, they have gained first-hand evidence of how to do deeper and deeper exploration into an aspect to get to the core fragment or condition.

We might use the metaphor of a massage. How good of a massage can we do on ourselves? We might be able to a good surface massage on the front of the body, but to really get to the deep blocks of knotted muscles, it takes an experienced massage therapists and a few sessions to fully relaxed the inner core of energy blocks anchored in the cells of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Use my services for emotional issues, pain and psychological blocks, you haven’t been able to resolve on your own.

Why use EFT rather than a different form of therapy ?

  • EFT can be easily and safely applied and is a gentle application.
  • Anyone can easily learn EFT.
  • EFT can be coached through over the phone and or skype.
  • No equipment is needed for EFT.
  • EFT often works where nothing else will.
  • EFT most often can reduce persistent physical complaints
  • EFT can bring about instantaneous release of pain
  • EFT usually gives rapid, long-lasting and gentle relief.
  • EFT may permanently eliminate the core issues related to the overall problems
  • An EFT therapist can assist in an emergency situation, such as a panic attack.

What wording do I use with EFT ?

People catch on very quickly once they start, there doesn’t have to be ‘certain wording’.

  • Simply verbalize what you are thinking, use the problem state and begin talking about it: This anger I have towards my boss. I hate my boss. He belittles me.

  • Here you have 3 different issues as underlined above, you could tap a round or two of the Sequence as shown in EFT Tapping Points, Charts, Photos and EFT Tapping Protocol.

  • Think of what you want or your goal. – I want to speak up for myself

  • Then ask yourself what’s stopping you from achieving it? But I’m afraid everyone will laugh at me. I might sound stupid.

  • This barrier signifies the energy block and can be used as the wording.

Why do I have to say negative statements ?

This is a common and frequently asked question and a very valid one. In EFT, we state the problem which is usually something negative. This brings to the surface, some of the feelings and emotions associated with the issue which causes the body and our sensitive energy system to show us where the blockages are likely to be. The intention is to bring up the negative thoughts, expose them so they can lose their effect on you and we do this by tapping on the meridian points which lie on specific pathways of energy that run through the body. In order to effectively utilize EFT, you use statements that keep you tuned in to the emotion you wish to address. In this way, eventually energy blocks are cleared and the natural flow of energy can take place bringing calm, harmony and peace. Comfort is established by using this gentle tapping and voicing the real or true feelings, but it can take time to unravel and unwind. Usually a reduction of intensity is felt fairly quickly with each round of tapping.

Affirmations, in the traditional sense, are designed to take you in positive directions. Thus their wording is always of an uplifting nature. These statements you voice are your affirmations of what you are feeling.

  • The purpose of EFT, is to completely eliminate the negative emotion, pain or issue in order to pave the way for the positive. One of the critical elements in EFT’s effectiveness is that one must “tune in” to the problem. Be sure to read up on Question #3 – The Discovery Statement.

What happens if EFT is not working ?

  • Try saying the wording with greater emphasis when applying EFT.
  • Use stronger language that matches the intensity of the emotion.
  • Try a different Setup affirmation
  • Use the opposite hand then you usually use.
  • Try crossing your hands over each other.
  • Be more specific.
  • Find specific events you can tap on.
  • Contact an experienced practitioner for guidance.

Is EFT simply a placebo or distraction from the problem ?

No! The Placebo effect requires some belief in the process – the belief that you are getting better. Newcomers to the treatment seldom believe it will work. What is needed and what EFT focuses on, is that the client be engaged in the process, not distracted. This is why phrases are repeated during sessions to ensure that they are tuned-in to the problem or issue. In other words, the client repeats a “reminder phrase” such as “the sharp pain in my right shoulder”, or “my runny nose” or “I hate school”.

and this is rarely the case for newcomers to EFT. Also, although EFT may appear to be distracting, it will not work if the client is, in fact, distracted. That is why the client continually repeats a reminder phrase which “tunes in” to the problem.

Science & Theory behind the Tapping World Summit – Bruce Lipton

Contemporary science is now learning that the traditional mechanical approach to healing therapies, though they have served us well for the last 100 years, are NOT the only sound approaches to treating physical and psychological ailments. Science is now learning that there is much more to this universe than what we can see, hear or touch. Western science is finally discovering what other cultures have known for thousands of years that we are all vibrational beings and that we must maintain certain frequencies of vibration to maintain pristine health. EFT/Tapping is just one of those modalities that is rapidly gaining acceptance with traditional orthodox medical practitioners.

Where and how do I get started ?

Here is a great place to begin and learn the basics of EFT Energy Tapping by continuing to read. Continue to explore in the drop-down menus “EFT Tapping Points with Photos”

When should I do EFT ?

The most important time is when a negative thought comes up or arises, or when a pain shows up. This may not always be possible but create time every day to do your tapping.

One of the main reasons that EFT does not seem to work is because we forget to use it. When a negative thought arises in our awareness, that is the time to begin tapping and voicing exactly what we are thinking. When we feel the pressure of stress coming on and if we have the choice of going into the bathroom or a private room, then we can tap quietly and in private without drawing attention to ourselves.It is important to build a positive habit of tapping because eventually, these old replicating thoughts will minimize and eventually be replaced naturally by positive, empowering thoughts.

Only consistent practice will give you a firm foundation for mastering EFT. If you are just now being introduced to EFT, then three to five times a day at the beginning is a good idea to tap on the same aspect or emotion/pain and then if another thought comes up, tap on that.

As soon as you wake up

The subconscious/unconscious mind is open for change ½ hour after waking up. Doing your tapping while remaining in bed can be very effective. Done over days consistently can definitely accelerate a shift because the subconscious hearing new information repeatedly then can take it in and the old information falls away and is replaced by this new information. Remember that the subconscious simply stores information and deals with present time. The conscious mind deals with past and future. So the subconscious mind simply deals with the information that is stored until new information that is not sabotaged by limiting beliefs replaces the old information.

Just before you go to sleep

The subconscious/unconscious mind is open to taking in new information ½ hour before you fall asleep so this is a very powerful time to do EFT and add new positive affirmations.

Dr. Mercola says: It is especially important to tap and say the affirmations before you go to sleep. This is probably the single most important time to do it. I can’t encourage you enough to do the EFT affirmations every night. It is one of the most important principles I can give you. When you tap before you go to bed you will give your subconscious from 6-8 hours to work on your affirmations and help create them for you.

When you are in the Loo

Every time you go to the bathroom, it is a good time to tap in some issue that is up for you.

Does EFT tapping improve the functions of my Brain ?

Donald Olding Hebb FRS[2] (July 22, 1904 – August 20, 1985) was a Canadian psychologist who was influential in the area of neuropsychology, where he sought to understand how the function of neurons contributed to psychological processes such as learning. He is best known for his theory of Hebbian learning, which he introduced in his classic 1949 work The Organization of Behavior.[3] He has been described as the father of neuropsychology and neural networks.[4].

 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

“Neurons that fire together wire together”


Dr. Ellen Domm, Registered Psychologist has this to say about neurons that fire together wire together:

“The phrase, “neurons that fire together wire together” can be attributed to Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist, who wrote those words in 1949. The meaning of Hebb’s axiom is that each experience we encounter, including our feelings, thoughts, sensations, and muscle actions becomes embedded in the network of brain cells, that produce that experience. Each time you repeat a particular thought or action, you strengthen the connection between a set of brain cells or neurons.

This is a good thing when learning a new useful skill – the network helps us to remember what to do in a given situation; but not so good, for example, when one learns that bingeing and purging “help” to temporarily numb anxiety. Once a reaction pattern is triggered, for example, by breaking a self-imposed food rule, it’s very difficult to change the course of one’s thoughts and behaviors. Bingeing and purging become acts that seemingly “must” be carried out. This is just one example of a habit pattern gone awry. The same process is happening when your self-talk is consistently self-defeating or when you go into panic mode in social situations. The neurons involved in these mental and behavioral patterns automatically know what to do.

I like this metaphor offered by neuroscientist, Alvaro Pascual-Leone in the fascinating book by Norman Doidge, The Brain That Changes Itself:

The brain is like a snowy hill in winter.”