Your Personal Peace List for Empowered Choice

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” – Carl Jung

The EFT Personal Peace Procedure is a key component to freeing yourself from the pain of unresolved experiences from the past. It is the healing highlight of EFT.

Everyone who takes up the meridian tapping of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is encouraged to take this step towards personal freedom for inner peace. By following through with the instructions, you will feel a shift in your life, allowing you to broadcast a new vibration of strength, power, clarity, brilliance and creative performance in most everything you do.

thought and emotions

“Just as thoughts are the language of the brain, feelings are the language of the body. And how you think and how you feel create a state of being.”           – Joe Dispenza

Taking time to write Your Personal Peace List begins the process of cleaning out a lifetime of accumulated emotional debris. As you use the Energy tapping of EFT on each event, you will notice a reduction and eventually elimination of negative tendencies and behaviors that have ruled your life.

I started working deeply with my life’s events, when I took the Tapas Acupressure Technique, fourteen years ago continuing over all these years. Yet when I explored the EFT Peace Procedure myself, it took me even deeper into aspects still unresolved. Using the analogy of the onion, the core issues (the core of the onion) lying at the root of trauma, depression, pain, chronic maladies, PTSD can be ever so subtle and covered in layers of aspects of emotions over a lifetime of events, as well as carry- overs of unresolved issues from past lives. These hidden aspects of negative or buried emotions is represented by the layers of onion petals or leaves. Who knows what is at the core until we begin to explore the unravelling of these emotional experiences and how they have colored our perceptions and shaped our lives.

Just beginning the process of listing these emotional events in your life, you will notice a shift from low self-esteem in certain areas of your life to clarity, confidence and hope. You will notice how your view of life and your place in life takes on a whole new resonance for greater peace and compassion. Your state of mind will evolve from that which shaped your reality through unconscious thought reactions to you stepping into your own power of making conscious decisions about your life. Your performance in life will have a broadcasting power that becomes clean, clear, crisp, creative and coherent!

You will notice a level of relaxation and harmony become a way of life for yourself! This is good news!

There are two approaches to this Personal Peace Procedure

Clearing our Negative Emotional Forest

We could say that each negative tree represents a specific event. This approach works well for those who can remember ‘specific events.’

This is a wonderful analogy and very visual for me as I write this because I am high on the mountains in an area called Sun Peaks in BC, Canada and I can spot a number of trees which have been eaten by beetles. These trees are dead or dying and are a good metaphor for those trees in our forest which have been diseased with emotions which erode our ability to live at the highest potential that we can.

Your Personal...

Your completed list, may well be over 100 or 150 listings, they are like trees which must be removed from the healthy forest of our being so they don’t take away energy from the healthy trees by corrupting the healthy trees with negative thought-forms. These events may have shapes of anger, guilt, shame, rejection, jealousy, suspicion and chronic fears, to name a few and may resemble a jungle. We use the analogy of cutting the trees down or removing them from the healthy forest, very much like weeding our gardens of weeds which choke the growth of our beautiful flowers or vegetables.

Another way to understand this is that we are bringing each tree into the light of awareness by honoring it for what it is, whether, anger, rage, suspicion, self-pity, prolonged grief, guilt or shame. We are bringing that which is hidden, suppressed or denied into the light of conscious recognition.

In EFT, we tap and voice what we are feeling, sometimes no words are needed, just to tap on the spin points is enough. Once these hidden aspects or faulty trees are brought into the light of recognition through love, acceptance and forgiveness, they cease to be a burden. They can become a great strength in assisting others once we have honored them in ourselves.

The Tabletop

This analogy, ‘the table top’ is good for those who are general in their memory of major events in their life. For instance: “I was abandoned as a child”, “I was beaten as a child”, “My mother didn’t love me”, “I have difficulty making friends, I don’t like men.”, “I am always anxious”. These statements or affirmations are broad or global. Many people have experienced events that are too painful to remember the specifics. Also many of us have been raised in environments where we were told, “don’t talk, don’t cry, be quiet!” As a result, we have formed habits that suppress our true feelings and we have developed behavior patterns that reflect these fears and unrest.
As a result of being suppressed, or not wanting to remember these painful experiences, the specifics of trauma and anxiety have been filed away in global or general files where the symptom becomes the label for the specific events such as, “feelings of not being loved”. We could also say they have been filed away in ‘emotional carrier waves’.

EFT cannot be as effective by dealing with the general or global thought files such as, “My mother didn’t love me. I don’t feel loved”.

Thought Files

Let’s refer to the name of the thought file, “My mother didn’t love me. She was mean to me.”, as the top of a table. The legs of the table will then represent the specific events that support it. You may have any number of legs holding up the global truth or general truth, “My mother didn’t love me. I don’t feel loved”.

Collapsing the Tabletop

When we address the ‘specifics’ of the events and collapse each leg which may represent ‘part of the true cause’ or the ‘core issues’, then the table will collapse. We are addressing the specific events, not the symptoms. An example of legs holding the table up, might be, “When I was five, I remember I was having a good time playing on the swing, when my mom came behind me and started to yell and scream at me. She grabbed my right ear and dragged me into the house and threw me onto the bed. I remember how painful my ear was and that it ached for days and just because I forgot to make my bed!”

We would list these examples as legs

When I was five, I remember I was having a good time playing on the swing,
when my mom came behind me and started to yell and screamed at me.
She grabbed my right ear…
It was so painful…
My right ear ached for days…
She dragged me into the house…
She threw me onto the bed…
I didn’t make my bed…that made her mad…
And……there may be emotions that begin to surface as you are writing your list such as:
I hated her for hurting me…
Mom scares me…
I am afraid of Mom…
I am angry at Mom…
I am angry at myself for being afraid of her…

How do I begin ?

Step One

Choose a quiet place and time where you won’t be disturbed by telephone or emails. Perhaps a quiet place in nature is available to you.
Begin by listing all the memories you have that were traumatic or even mildly emotional on a piece of paper. Even memories where you think you don’t have any emotional intensity because you feel you did the best you could under the circumstances, list those events. This is an evolving list, begin with what you remember and as you write, more memories will likely show up.
Divide your life into decades or 10 years and consider each decade or 10 years as one leg and try to list 10 events. If you remember an event and even if you do not have an intensity on it, list it.
For instance, as a young child of seven, your family sold the house and everyone moved to a new location and a new school. This may have held a lot of emotional insecurity for you, more than you realize, so list events which may seem as something insignificant, as you begin to remember. You may have been able to make new friends in the new location and you may not feel intensity on the move when you remember. However, nclude it on your list.

Helpful Hints : Be specific as possible with the date, people involved, the feeling and location of pain in the body, sometimes even writing down the color of things if you remember is helpful and smells, as you can. If you were told what the conditions of your nine months in utero were like, then include this information on your list as well. Also be aware, the reason you are writing this list is to bring illumination to the hidden emotions buried deep in the subconscious.
Your very focus on this Procedure For Peace, is a positive, conscious and intelligent action. As you move through the process step by step, item by item, to collapse each of your entries, you will feel lighter, more hopeful and in charge of your life. You will feel stronger, have a better memory, make clearer decisions and meet the challenges of life at a new level of frequency. Deliberately creating on the positive visions you wish to manifest in your life and the pathways to get you, from ‘A’ to ‘B’ with be an open potential for you without the limitations of the past. You, like all of us who have followed through with this project, will feel happier, more abundant and healthier in every area of your life.
My mother was sick and threw up the whole nine months.
My mother felt guilty she was pregnant and unwed. She cried a lot.
My mother wanted a baby, but my dad didn’t want any children.
My parents fought the whole nine months.
My mother had a lot of fears around the delivery. She had no money to buy good food.
My mother smoked when she was pregnant.
Other examples:
I don’t remember anything for the first three years of my life.
At the age of three, I remember falling out of my crib and screaming and screaming, no one seems to hear me. I remember it so clearly. I was afraid to be alone after this.
I remember my mother could never say, I love you.
At the beginning of the summer holidays, when I was just 7/9 years old, my family sold the house and we moved to a new city in ………….. .
I lost contact with my best friend___________ we were friends from birth. I was sad and lonely for a long time and couldn’t make new friends.

List Everything You Need To Make Peace With
9 months in Utero
Birth experience: parents relationship, hospital staff – loving or ?, was husband present?
How did your siblings treat you?
Were you 1st child, 2nd child, 3rd child, etc.? How did your parents treat you based on your position in the family and how did your siblings treat you?
Any sexual abuse, your first sexual encounter
Emotional, physical abuse – all trauma
Moves – schools and homes, even notable moves from one grade to the next, teachers that were unkind
School experiences – treatment from other students, travelling back and forth to school
All deaths of family, friends and pets
Sports – any injuries, treatment from teachers and team players
Relationships – Romantic, best friends to challenging relationships
Did you keep attracting the same types of partners?
Accidents – cars, broken limbs, physical and emotional trauma
Marriage/Divorce, difficulties, how many, repetitive patterns
Deaths, grief, loss of friends, loss of jobs, loss of friends
Emotional feelings and sensitivities
All fears/phobias, heights, different animals, water,
Health issues, operations, chronic issues, allergies

Step Two

Give each event a Title:
“My Burning Ears”, “Didn’t Make My Bed…”, “My Father Didn’t Want A Baby”
List the intensity of each event: SUDs or Subjective Units of Distress/Disturbance Scale. Rate the intensity level of your pain or emotion on a scale of 1-10 (SUDs) and write it down next to each listing. 
Helpful Hint : This skill of noticing your intensity will help you to measure your progress from the beginning to the finishing.
Pick the highest intensity on your list and follow through with Step Three.

Step Three

Begin to tap EFT on the highest intensity event from your whole list and continue to tap on your entries for each ‘leg’. As the legs are collapsed, then the ‘table top’ will collapse.

Make a commitment to do one session for perhaps 21 days without missing a day but work to complete your list, patiently and with deliberate intention. This Personal Peace Procedure will also help to create this new habit of using EFT meridian tapping daily.

I would be delighted to help you if you require help.