Barbara Iceton

What a blessing you came into my life. Not only were your courses wonderfully practical but you have given us all such a lot of other stuff to help us understand and put into practice what you have taught us.

I am so amazed at the speed at which the EFT works. After the first day of your EFT workshop I woke up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my knee. It was so bad that I could not move. Lots of crazy ideas were bouncing about in my mind, what if I wanted to use the toilet, I live alone and there was no one to help me. I couldn’t even get to my phone, couldn’t turn over in bed, I wasn’t going to be able to attend the second day of your course. Then sanity entered my space and I remembered the EFT technique you had taught us the day before. So first you said we had to decide the intensity. Well mine was a lot more than ten I can tell you, it was about twenty and rising. After two rounds of EFT my intensity had dropped considerably I would say it was now about a seven. Wow this was working! So I did a couple more rounds and to my amazement my pain had gone, I mean Gone! It was down to zero. Wow, So grateful and thankful.

Needless to say I have been using it for other conditions with success. One I can mention is my weight loss. I have been struggling with my weight almost all my life and was really at a stage where I was seriously considering surgery. Two weeks ago I started doing EFT using various statements for my wobbly belly, sugar craving, eating when not hungry etc. I am so pleased to tell you I have dropped two KG’s. But the main thing is I feel different I don’t feel like I am on a diet and depriving myself. I am looking at food differently, not craving sweet things like I used to. Ok occasionally I will be tempted but a few rounds of EFT cures that.

I am on a quest now to help others with their problems; got to spread the word about EFT and the wonderful tool I have been taught.

Again I say what a blessing you came into my life I am eternally grateful.

Thank you Jollean

Love and Blessings on Your Journey

Barbara Iceton

South Africa

Dianne Visser

Jollean Matsen is a wonderful teacher. I have used EFT for many years, teach-ing careworkers and working with children. But, having done EFT 1 & 2 with Jollean, I feel as if I have gone to the next level in my understanding, and now feel more confident as well as able to access deeper insights. Jollean teaches from such a heart level, and encourages us all to work with our Personal Peace Procedure so that we may move forward in our lives, having cleared issues that have caused us to remain stuck in certain areas of our lives. What a wonderful gift she has been to us all on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast.

Thank You Jollean.

We will hold you always, in our hearts.

I honour the amazing work she does, and would encourage anyone who is dealing with Trauma, Pain or Stress in their lives to contact Jollean for a life changing experience.

Dianne Visser

This is Dianne’s test to the issue of trauma and stress:

This week I did EFT with Jollean Matsen, working specifically on my inability to watch the news or listen to the radio while it was reflecting the terrible trauma’s that are being experienced in the world today. The pain and suffering was impacting hugely on my psyche. Today I realised that although I was making a conscious effort not to watch the news, I did not feel like the despair was overwhelming me, as it has been doing. I am fully aware that there are terrible tragedies occurring throughout the world, but I am also aware that  it should not affect me to the extent that I cannot function.  Thank You Jollean, your support and guidance has been invaluable.


We kindred hearts who have long been graced with Jollean’s friendship marvel at both the range of the gifts she shares around this precious blue planet as well as the tenacity and integrity with which she pursues the heartwork of her soul. I was recently blessed with an extensive EFT session with Jollean. Also a veteran of deep release energy work, it was especially joyful for me to expose a core, limiting issue around “not feeling safe” through her skillful guidance. The benefit of releasing this childhood emotional misunderstanding through tearful insight continues to enhance my forward movement and receptivity for the New. I can only begin to imagine the level of success other individuals also drawn to experience EFT through Jollean’s adept and loving support will accomplish. I offer this with deep gratitude and love to you, Dear Heart!              tlc – Vancouver BC

Norman Morale

I want to thank you for the experience I had with your EFT tapping session. I remember asking you if we could work with any issue, physical or emotional, and you answer that it will work with anything because the cause for most of the problems is a blockage of emotional energy.

Two or three years ago I had TB so my lung capacity was very limited, you noticed how hard was for me to talk and breath after I finished climbing your staircase.

So we agree to work on that. What I didn’t foresee was that in order to open all the energy channels, you begin asking me about my entire life, starting with my childhood.

It was very enlightening to find that some emotions I dismiss as unimportant kept showing up time and time again.

It was a very nice exploration through old and repressed feelings. The way you asked the questions and your nice energy make that journey through my past a very enjoyable experience. I learnt a little more about myself.

Thank you again Jollean and continue spreading your positive energy.

Norman Morale


There certainly is a power in what you do Jollean that assists in moving through fragmentation. I feel so blessed to have this power invoked and facilitated by you within my own experience. Thank you for being a loving partner with me as we journeyed through my process; you intuiting heartfully as we proceeded along the tapping steps pathway, and compassionately so.

There’ been an entrainment field between us that endeavors to move forward in multiple directions and of which can expand to the entire collective.

I have offered EFT to my family and friends.

It’s a true gift of service.

Thank you Jollean for your gift and service that is heartfully felt and encouraging.



I was so fortunate that Jollean shared her gift with me.  Before the time I spent with her, I was having trouble sleeping, I was having miscellaneous aches and pains, trouble concentrating and had no patience with anyone.  I was self-sabotaging myself with work, friends and relationships, thinking I wasn’t worthy to have such a good job or such good friends or worthy of someone loving me.  Through the EFT tapping sessions, I have learned to relive and let go the traumas of my childhood and the ones in my adult life.   I use EFT daily and cannot thank Jollean enough for bringing it into my life.  I know now I have a great future ahead of me.



I had been experiencing some pretty intense knee pain from an old injury during my workout at the gym. I was very disappointed that I had to back off some of my exercises and was motivated to get this problem worked on. Made a appointment to see doctor but in the meantime had a opportunity to work with Jollean and the EFT training. At the time I rated my pain at a 8 and then began to uncover what was there at the time of the injury and WOW I could see how that emotion and what I said about it was stored deep. After we finished my pain had went down to 0 and I thought great that’s it but as I began to move around it started to return and I became frustrated so I did some more tapping and what I saw was the original story I had said was complete and the healing was done I just needed to give my body a chance to repair which is now complete and I have no  pain and am working out at 100%!!!

THANK YOU Jollean for your amazing work this is really remarkable healing energy that we all need!!!!